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Employee Support Programmes

In speaking with employers we have found that employees who may seek support via their EAP’s telephone or face to face counselling service find that their treatment options are limited.

We have also identified that staff prefer to be dealing with someone outside of their company for support as this has often been used as a tool against them rather than for them.

Our programmes offer significant experience of treating stress and anxiety disorders not only ensures immediate and permanent effectiveness it also allows employees to learn skills that will empower them as stable, effective and more productive employees for the future.

The latest survey from the Office of National Statistics’ Labour Force Survey revealed that 45 million days were lost to stress, anxiety and depression last year alone, costing the economy and business £2.4billion There is a very strong case now for all employers to consider ESP’s to help reduce workplace absenteeism and it’s associated cost to the business

Employers have a legal responsibility to protect the Health and Mental Wellbeing of their employees Breach of H S Legislation can lead to prosecution or Enforcement action

Employee Support Programmes can include:​

Telephone/Skype Support

Staff Counselling Support

Trauma Management

Stress Prevention Learning & Development

Confidential One on One personal consultations, home visits, off or on site

Ongoing support for existing, new and long term absence employees

Telephone/Skype/Personal/email support

Critical Incident Support

Management Counselling

Half Day Traditional Stop Smoking - Weight Loss - Confidence - Stress/Anxiety Prevention Workshops

Bespoke programmes - tell us what you want from a support programme!

Our goal is to help you achieve your business goals

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